About giving and donations

At THE CRADLE OF HOPE, we ask for donations, and we can use absolutely anything and everything that you want to get rid of.

Why do people donate to non-profit organizations?

People have different motivations for donating to charities depending on their circumstances and preferences.

One of the benefits of donating to charities is that it can boost your mood and self-esteem. Giving to a cause you care about can make you feel happy and satisfied as you contribute to something meaningful and worthwhile. It can also help you simplify your life. By donating things you no longer use or need, you clear the clutter from your home and create more space and order. Moreover, you can feel good knowing that your donations will help someone in need.

Compassion can be a powerful motivator for giving, as it can inspire people to act generously and selflessly. Some people donate because they care deeply about the organization’s cause or mission and want to support its work and goals. They want to alleviate the suffering or improve the situation of the beneficiaries the charity serves. They want to change the world positively and believe their donation makes a difference.

Another common motivation is that donors have a personal connection or experience with the organization and feel emotionally invested in its success. They may have been affected by the issue themselves or know someone who has been, and want to give back or pay it forward. They may also have a relationship with the organization or its staff and wish to show appreciation or loyalty. This connection can foster a sense of belonging and gratitude.

People donate because they are influenced by their faith, values, or beliefs and see contributing as expressing their convictions and principles. They may follow a religious or moral obligation or duty to give or share with others.

Some people donate because they are motivated by social pressure or recognition, want to fit in with their peers, and gain respect.

When people trust the organization and its transparency and accountability and are confident that their donation will be used effectively and efficiently, they feel safe to donate.

When people understand the impact, see the results of their donation, and are satisfied with the outcomes and feedback, they are willing to give.

Donating to charities can be a rewarding experience for both the donors and the organizations. It can also enable organizations to continue their work and achieve their objectives. It can be a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Donors are dictating to charities?

Donating to a charity is a generous act that can improve the lives of others. However, some donors may need help to let go of their donations and want to influence how they are used. This can contradict the spirit of giving, implying a lack of trust in the charity’s decisions. While we appreciate the donors’ concern for the effectiveness of their donations, we also ask them to respect that once they donate, the charity is responsible for the donations and can allocate them where they are most needed. Giving freely and without conditions is a powerful way to create a positive impact. We value our donors’ alignment with our organization’s values, beliefs, and preferences and invite them to read more about us. Donors, please trust us to use your donations wisely and compassionately. We are deeply thankful for all your support. We have also seen some pretty weird donations come our way. Everything from used tea bags with a note saying they are “perfect for another cup of tea” to dirty underwear and stained and soiled dishrags, as well as many dentures from deceased persons. 

We have received some interesting donations that left us in stitches. Once, a woman delivered a few boxes with various stuff, only for us to discover loads of adult toys in one of the boxes. We had a good laugh.  People move and ask us to collect the stuff they don’t need anymore, and once, we even received a hamster in his cage, which had been put into the truck without us noticing!!!  We were luckily able to rehome him successfully.

Other weird donations we received were half-chewed toffees and many used pregnancy tests. Another donor phoned us after she delivered some boxes, informing us there may be scorpions in the boxes!  We always need to figure out what to expect when we receive a donation, which makes it so much fun (sometimes)!   It has also happened a couple of times that our staff members who sort the donations have been bitten by spiders, and have become quite ill, as the donations were previously stored. 

Whilst giving to charity can be a way to connect with your community, it creates situations where you must decide whether to laugh or cry!  We mostly choose to laugh. Through humor, we connect with people.  It helps us to build relationships and to understand each other better. Humor helps us to cope with the difficult situations we face daily. It lightens the mood and allows us to get through the day. It also helps us to stay positive and motivated.

Donating to a charity is a great way to help others while also benefiting yourself, but if you donate used adult toys or half-chewed toffees, that’s just a bonus for the charity workers to have a good laugh! Thank you to everyone who supports us!  You really make our lives better!