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Find a Need & Fill it (established 2020)

In October 2003 Melodie van Brakel – Founder & CEO of THE CRADLE OF HOPE – nearly died; a misdiagnosed burst appendix lead to septicaemia and several days on life support in ICU. She should have died – but she didn’t; and Melodie soon realised that God had saved  her life for a purpose: TO FIND A NEED – AND TO FILL IT.

In February 2020 THE CRADLE OF HOPE introduced “FIND IT & FILL IT” (FIFI) – our newest passion project, dedicated to doing exactly THAT: Finding struggling individuals and families – single moms, the elderly, the disabled – that are trying to make ends meet with the little they have; assessing their needs, and filling it however we can. Be it assistance with food parcels, baby care items, toiletries, furniture and household goods, or practicalities such as access to medical care or applying for SASSA grants.

Currently, we provide about 800 monthly parcels consisting of food – staples, meat, tinned food, instant porridge, soya mince etc, toiletries, household cleaning products, and where needed, baby care items such as nappies and formula, to families is desperate need. We also hand out blankets and assist needy families with items such as beds, linen, cookware, and clothing.

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