The Cradle Ark (Tarlton plot project)

During 2007 THE CRADLE OF HOPE purchased a 18Ha plot in Tarlton, with the assistance of donations from the founding-directors of the Section 21 Company (THE CRADLE OF HOPE).    This plot was previously owned by Senator Johannes Willem (Jan) De Klerk, the father of former President F.W. De Klerk, winner of the Nobel Prize in 1993.  We believe that there is a very strong prophetic calling on this piece of land.

When funding becomes available this property will be developed on a Kibbutz format, and the residents will be empowered with the skills to live off the land and become self-sustainable.

Currently we are assisting our residents with food, clothing and other necessary items, as well as establishing small food gardens.  Currently we are housing 146 residents (adults and children).

To get this fish-farming and vegetable project started we require funding of R800 000-00.

All enquiries can be directed to Albertus van Brakel on 082 452 4030.

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