Since 2008 we have been assisting the community of POMFRET in the North West Province.  This forgotten settlement has a population of about 4000 souls.  They live in appalling conditions of poverty and neglect.  We assist with supporting the orphanage that houses 20 children with food, clothing and various other needs.

We were instrumental in establishing the nursery school, and we assist with supporting the 120 children of the nursery school with one meal every day.   We provide regular food parcels to the very poor, and the elderly.

We have assisted the community with the establishment of a soup kitchen for the elderly persons of POMFRET, and we provide food and other items on a regular basis during our outreaches to POMFRET.    We have also assisted many of the residents with wheelchairs and crutches etc.   During 2013 we established a medical clinic in the community, where basic medical needs are addressed.

If you can assist please speak to Corlien Macdonald 082 489 9769.