Cradle – Tjokkertjies vir Jesus

The only way we can break the circle of poverty in future generations is by helping our children to obtain a good education. We have acquired the usage of an old Government Building in West-Krugersdorp, which used to be known as “LAPPIES and LALIE” and that was a TED Nursery School many years ago. It has been standing empty for many years and has become badly neglected. It is our hearts desire to transform this, once again, into a high-standard Nursery School, as well as  Homework Centre for vulnerable and under-privileged children.

Tjokkers_Mandela photo2

Currently we have 60 toddlers attending the Nursery School on a daily basis and the Play with a Purpose pre-school Curriculum under the leadership of Helen du Plessis is followed.

We also provide a healthy cooked meal to these children every day, for many of them it being the only meal that they get to eat for the entire day. Many of the toddlers that are 5 years old cannot sit on a chair at a table, because poverty is rife in the West-Krugersdorp area and there are no chairs and tables at their houses.

A lot of maintenance has to be done to the building, and if you can assist us with plumbing, electrical work, painting, woodwork, building, our security needs (burglar proofing, alarm system, fencing etc.) please contact Melodie on (011) 660-4623 or email 


We also need CRADLE friends who will partner with us on this exciting project, and we require sponsorships of R500-00 per month per child, so that we will be in a position to employ loving, passionate, trained and qualified Nursery School and After Care teachers, who will be taking care of the educational programmes in the classes. We can “introduce” you to the child that you will be sponsoring and send you a photograph of the child (with of course the parent’s permission), and Olga, our admin lady, will be keeping you informed on his or her progress.

PLEASE help us, if you can, to BE THE DIFFERENCE in the lives of these children.